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Please, access Sapid Home Page written in Japanese in order to get full information.


Sapid (Sophisticated APIs for CASE tool Development) is CASE tool platform based on a fine grained software repository. We proposed and developed Sapid in order to reduce tedious jobs: making lexical scanner, parser and/or dependency analyzer in CASE tools. Since Sapid provides primitive functions which are inevitable to construct CASE tools, CASE tool developers can concentrate on the main features of their tools. The current version of Sapid works with source program in the C language.

Getting Sapid

There are two ways to get and run Sapid on your system.

Source Packages

You can get the Sapid source and compile it on your system. You need an ANSI C compiler and imake command (shipped with X Window System) to do so. See the installation instructions (INSTALL.html, unfortunately written in Japanese) for exact requirements and more details. The Sapid source (2.9 MB; tarred and gzipped format) is available from the Sapid home page.

Binary Packages

Not released yet.


Documents describing the Sapid project are available on the Web from the site:


Sapid is free software, protected by the GNU general public license version 2. It is actively maintained by the Sapid project team at Dept. of Information Engineering, Nagoya Univ., Japan.

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